What's to encounter? What to expect in the jungle?

Expeditions are full of challenges, it’s sort of the point, so in order for you to be prepared and ready for the jungle, it's important to know what you could expect.


Do you know that the best way to counter boredom would be to play games? Or is there someone that would share something about his own hobbies? Anyone? Don't worry, with our excellent schedule it's easy to get sidetracked!



For sure you're going to see a lot of nice animals. We're expecting to see some tigers, dragons, foxes and some other animals that don't really belong in a jungle. We are not sure why all those animals chose to habitat the jungle, maybe it has something to do with the water.


Meet new people

During our 4 day expedition trough the jungle, you understand that there are much moments available that you could use to get to know each other right? It's important to have a happy and engaged team during the expedition!


Dancing in the dark

Unfortunately, Bruce Springsteen didn't sign up for our expedition. However, each evening, just after sunset, all the animals come out of their hiding spots. That's the best time for a party at the campfire.


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Don't miss out on this experience Is this a group-only event?

Do you know how dangerous it is to go on this expedition alone? What about your friends? Oh.. If you don't have friends wanting to join, I know for a fact that you will make some friends during this expedition!