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Reffurence is an annual convention which takes place in the BeNeLux, Europe. We come together to celebrate the furry fandom, which includes art, literature and performances based around anthropomorphic animals.

The main objective of Reffurence is to bring people together that like the fandom, the art and/or the community. Having events such as community games, meetups and dances available for all the people that want to come and visit.

Reffurence is a registered Netherlands Nonprofit Organisation with organisation number 86974661. See more on the website of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. All the revenues made during the event will be entirely used in equipement or services to improve the next edition or given to charity.

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What are furries all about?

Furries are fans of anthropomorphic animals. An anthropomorphic animal is an animal with human-like characteristics. Most furries create their own character, based upon a specific animal. When looking at the species present in the fandom, most of the time you will find normal animals, hybrids, mythical creatures and some even create their own species.

These become personal characters, often with some added distinguishing characteristics like clothing accessories or fur patterns. It is common for furries to get artwork made of their fursonas, and some even get complete costumes made based on these anthropomorphic avatars.

Most of the time it is compared to other fandoms, like anime, Harry Potter or Star Wars. However, this fandom's focus and during the conventions, one of the main activities is to share art, roleplaying, show your own personal creation to the world, socializing and also helping each other with their own creation or fursuit. When was the last time you complimented a fursuiter with their nice suit?

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