The hotel

Venue Location Mercure Antwerp City South
Antwerp, Belgium

Life in the concrete jungle isn't so bad when it's a 4-star hotel! Which is located next to the jungle of the Hertoghe Park in Antwerp.

Housed in a modern glass building this four star hotel offers a convenient setting with a special place for a furry convention. Enjoy drinks on the terrace overlooking the Hertoghe Park, maybe you can spot a fursuiter or two during our convention?

Did you know that Antwerp is the perfect place for the international cuisine, Belgian beers and a selection of cultural places? Luckely the hotel has a direct connection to the city centre by tram and bus!

And we all know that during the night, most of the critters stay on the ground or go under it. Do you think they are having a party down there on the jungle floor?

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is a bustling metropolis full of modern entertainments, but it’s the centuries-old history in the old city center that fuels the local tourist industry.

Just shy of having 400 restaurants, 150 tourist-attractions and enormous freight harbor, we can't imagine this city has nothing to offer for you. If you're just wanting to hug your residential room in the hotel, or you want to go out and explore the city center by tram or bus. Antwerp should become an unforgettable memory.


The city of Antwerp has "Low Emission Zones", the address of the venue is not within the Low Emission Zone, however, a lot of streets in the near vicinity are! Please be smart and check if your vehicle is able to enter the zone, or purchase a ticket for the zone if you need to enter it. Click here for all the information about the Low Emission Zone.


Stay Info Handy things to know

Park Hertoghe

The Hertoghe domain, together with the Hof van Leysen, forms a remnant of the Leikwartier, built during the second half of the 16th century.


Check-in: 15:00
Check-out: 12:00

Meals, ready to eat

Restaurant (Lunch, Diner) on site!
Sushi, Thai, Italian restaurants. But also supermarkets at walking distance

This is our Hotel The Rooms

Single Sleeper

Size: 20m2
Beds: Semi-sleeper
Max Guests: 1

Twin Sleeper

Size: 28m2
Beds: Double beds
Max Guests: 2

Especially for Musky Huskies The Bathroom

What to expect

Shower (some rooms have a bath)
Fresh Towels* (with cleaning policy)


Iron & Ironing board* (shared)

Unless you're not a morning person The Breakfast

When are we joining?

09:00 till 10:30 CEST
Healty, fresh and daily

I rather not eat insects Food & Beverage

Ofcourse there will be plenty options for you to get a drink at the event, however, apart from breakfast, you might want some options. Since our chef was sick and tired of our last group, he has made up a beautiful list of restaurants near and far. He got so frustrated, one demanded pasta, whilst someone else wanted cheezy soup from France!

The venue itself offers an International Cousine at Brasserie Coubterin. 11:00 - 23:00, kitchen closes at 21:30. The menu can be found here. We recommend booking a table via their website!

Another option would be Daddy's Dim Sum, which offers dim sums and authentic buns! 12:00 - 22:00, kitchen closes at 22:00. The menu can be found here.


Brasserie Coubterin - (International) - Website
Daddy's Dim Sum - (Chinese) - Website

Near the hotel

Frituur Lescluze - (Belgium) - Google Maps
Colmar Wezenberg - (Buffet) - Website
Kyoto - (Sushi, Japanese) - Website
Sombat - (Thai) - Google Maps
Il Carpaccio - (Italian pizza) - Google Maps
Brusketta - (Italian, Napotalian) - Website
BlackSmoke - (Spareribs) - Website
De Koninck - Antwerp City Brewery - Website

Antwerp City Center

Quinten Matsijs - (Belgium) - Website
Brasserie De Post - (Brasserie) - Website
Philly Sandwich Bar - (USA) - Website
Ozkoz - (Japanese) - Website
Satay - (Azian Streetfood) - Website
Bia Mara - (Fish and Chips) - Website
Den Engel - (Pub/Bar) - Website
Elfde Gebod - (Pub/Bar) - Website